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Kami is Dead
Tyler Lvl 20 artist LV :(

+3 art
-7 personality
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Pokémon Macaroni & Cheese box.

i would always ask my mom if we could get this and she always said no :(

Posted on 24th Jul at 5:26 AM

In need of a button that can Timeskip me to the end of the week..

Posted on 24th Jul at 4:29 AM

That’s some odd ass news..

did you have it before or after ?

Posted on 24th Jul at 3:43 AM

Investing my time into searching for a car is exhausting..

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Art is on some next level bad guy shit. Kinda just wondering how his power work, like does his regeneration allow him to retain other abilities or?

I know like does it just overlap the one he just used….
Or is he like sylar from heroes

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Pretty disappointed with the girls that interact thru twitter…

Like do your parents know what your doing right now? Orr….

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