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Hooked up much cousin with my leftovers…
Instantly regretted it.

Not because I had feelings still..

Mainly just don’t want a baita ruining his very promising future…

Posted on 12th Sep at 5:30 PM

* cuts off one of your fingers *

now you have cartoon hands..

Posted on 12th Sep at 3:28 PM

Constantly blaming @druun for my luv for melted toys

Posted on 8th Sep at 3:01 AM

Spent the last 4 days of my life sucked in Akiba’s trip revamped anime game that just came out .
Most unique RPG I’ve played in such a long time…

The whole idea of beating the crap out of someone with a figurine and then de-clothing speaks to me on a level that no porno can..
And they fact that you have your own little harem within the first three hours of play is pretty kewlz..
Altogether Xseed did a postively good job of remaking Akiba’s trip and Akihabara Ward in general…

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Bare Knuckle III (Streets of Rage III), Megadrive.
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Bare Knuckle III (Streets of Rage III), Megadrive.

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